Our Story

We believe small local businesses like yours are being overwhelmed with the changing world of online marketing and aren’t getting valid advice. They are spreading themselves too thin and not focusing on their business. We’re here to change that.


We noticed one thing back in 2011 when we started working online with small local business owners: the advice many owners were following was either out of date or incomplete for the online marketing world. Sadly, we live in a world where doing the wrong thing has negative consequences. This means that when you do the wrong thing on platforms such as Google and Yelp they can and will hurt your web presence through some kind of penalization.

Many of the owners we connected with were feeling confused and didn’t know what step they should take next with their online marketing strategy. That’s why at Linking Up Local, we understand and implement legitimate ways to help you rank better in Google and get more positive information out about your business to the customers in your areas.

Our Mission

Unlike others, we believe you should make a return on your investment through our services. Therefore, we provide monthly reporting and outline where your money is being spent.

Our two major focuses are on ROI and customer support:

  • ROI – We focus on ROI, meaning you will make money by using our services. Each month, we’ll provide you with a detailed report on either your rankings, reviews, or whatever results you’re hiring us to achieve for you. By doing so, you can see our progress as we work to deliver the outcome you want.
  • Customer Support – We provide amazing customer-focused support. That’s because we understand each client’s needs are different in terms of their time and marketing. We update clients regularly with messages that will provide you with information about our work. We can talk via phone or email to help save you time. And, because we believe in maintaining a responsible relationship, each email you send us will be answered within 24 hours!