A Simple Way to Know Where You Stand

Having a website isn’t enough when it comes to putting your business on top of local search results. With a local site audit, we can quickly determine what’s setting your site back. And, with the right strategy, we can be the catalyst behind the change that will put you on top.

Small Mistakes Add Up in a Big Way

Local site audits help identify any problems that can hold back your business and drive customers away. This means analyzing everything from your on-page content to your links and beyond to develop a comprehensive strategy for improvement.


of websites don’t have a local code that identifies a site as a local business.


of our clients has had on-site factors that have hindered their rankings.


of rankings are weighted via on-site elements, demonstrating their importance.



As a business owner, you’ve done everything you think you need to bring in customers. You’ve invested in the best website you could imagine and maybe even some SEO, so where are the customers?

There’s just one problem: most of your competitors have done the same exact thing. And, if you’ve done a lot of work on the cheap or yourself, there might be some vital mistakes present on your website that’s costing you rankings and business.

A site audit can help correct any on-site and off-site problems that are hindering your rankings and the effectiveness of your SEO services. Better yet, site audits correct problems that you probably didn’t know were there, making it simple to see where you stand and how to get to where you want your site to be.

Local Site Audits Offer Numerous Benefits

A local site audit does more than just identify problems with your site. Instead, it identifies problems while clarifying where improvements need to be made to put your website at the top of search engine results.

Improve Rankings

Rankings rule all when it comes to local businesses since being in the top map results and SEO search results is essential. With a local site audit, you can identify where you’ve gone wrong in your efforts and where changes are necessary.

Increase Traffic

A site audit identifies your current keywords and then enables us to identify new sources of traffic. We do this by locating long-tail keywords and other local search terms relevant for your services and then implementing them within your site.

Working With Google

Google reigns supreme when it comes to your site’s rankings and visibility, so working within the algorithm is essential. With a local site audit, you can determine where improvements should be made to optimize properly and bring in new leads.

Measurable Results from Real Professionals…

“We’ve had our fair share of issues with Yelp throughout the years. Although I tried my best to resolve negative reviews and increase positive reviews, it was too difficult and time consuming. Linking Up Local helped fix my issues and I never had to lift a finger!” — DR. CORSON – Corson Dentistry, Denver

Ready For Increased Visibility?

If you have any questions or want more information about how a local site audit can help your lead generation efforts and rankings, we’re here to help. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.