Reprogramming Reputation Management & Lead Generation for Dentists + Other Professionals

The system doesn’t have to be against you. Take control of your reputation on Yelp and guarantee that bad reviews never prevent your business from getting new leads again.

Supercharge Your Lead Generation

With an approach premised on ROI, our services are essential to increase your visibility, secure more clients, and increase profitability.

Google Maps Optimization

Did you know that mobile usage has surpassed desktop search? Today, Google’s Local Maps are the easiest way to generate mobile leads with 44% of local leads coming from smartphones and tablets. If you’re not doing this, you’re losing a large amount of leads daily and driving customers to competitors.

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Serious Reputation Management

Yelp is the largest influence when you’re looking to build local trust. That’s because new customers rely on Yelp to determine whether your business delivers on quality and trust. In fact, 88% of your potential customers are relying on these reviews to form an opinion.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a major component of any effective lead generation system. This helps customers find you first, then drives them to review you on sites like Yelp. The best part? This pushes you toward the top of Google’s search results, boosting business in the process.

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Measurable Results from Real Professionals…

“We’ve had our fair share of issues with Yelp throughout the years. Although I tried my best to resolve negative reviews and increase positive reviews, it was too difficult and time consuming. Linking Up Local helped fix my issues and I never had to lift a finger!” — DR. CORSON – Corson Dentistry, Denver